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Author: sgroomes@thelinkbuilders.com

Jacques Poujade

Jacques Poujade has spent his entire adult life in the working in different areas of the financial world. Currently, he is a managing partner at LendPlus, an alternative mortgage lender. Despite being in the mortgage business, he still has time for his favorite hobby, playing piano. Here is a closer look at what he loves outside of the office. read more

Grant Lawson

Grant Lawson is a marketer, consultant, and coach with his current focus being the lead crowdfunding strategist at InventureX . read more

Arshad Madhani

Arshad Madhani is a digital marketing and consulting expert who specializes in helping clients, from expert marketers to novice entrepreneurs, create innovative and engaging marketing campaigns that redefine their brands. Madhani earned his MBA from the Texas A&M International University and is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. read more

Bill Michelon

Bill Michelon is a leader in the world of entrepreneurship and digital solutions. His extensive background, both as an employee and now a business owner, has given him more than a decade’s worth of valuable experience that sets him apart from others in this field. Michelon’s recent forays into the world of cryptocurrency and tailored digital marketing strategies for clients are just two of the exciting new directions that his professional career is taking. Bill believes in mentoring students and those new to the digital marketing space, and has a special place in his heart for philanthropic causes, especially those that impact veterans and young businesspeople. read more

Ali Mayar

Ali Mayar is a successful business owner and entrepreneur based out of Long Island, New York. As the CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding Group, he and his management team offer small to mid-sized companies working capital. Through his work of helping professionals and businesses succeed, he has become one of the leading figures in the merchant cash-lending industry, as well as a mentor for his management team. read more

Dr. Lane Sebring

Dr. Lane Sebring is a fully licensed medical doctor operating a private practice, the Sebring Clinic, based out of Wimberly, Texas. While he began his career as a traditional doctor working in a hospital, he was soon considered an “alternative medicine” provider based on his reliance on the Paleo Diet, a diet modeled after what the earliest humans ate to remain healthy for the duration of their lives. read more