What People Do For Fun

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Nathan Jun

Nathan Jun is a Professor of Philosophy at Midwestern State University, where he has developed considerable experience teaching and mentoring students. Dr. Jun thrives on encouraging students to think critically about themselves and the world; he enjoys nurturing their spirit of intellectual curiosity and wonder. Even outside the classroom, Dr. Jun is dedicated to helping his students blossom into young scholars any chance he gets! read more

Kurt Witten

Kurt Witten is a very successful entrepreneur with a specialty in the pool building industry. He has made great leaps in this industry to the point of establishing Seventeen Pools, a reputable market player in the container pools market. The company utilizes modern and state of the art techniques to turn cargo containers into lovely pools while also keeping them affordable for the average homeowner.  Kurt has excellent communication skills thanks to his communication background, a gift that he uses to the maximum to communicate his business vision to his employees. He leads a team of technicians that he inspires to deliver quality and work fast to meet customer deadlines. It is this combination that has seen his magnanimous growth and success in this industry. Kurt is also a giver at heart, often giving back to society for a good cause. He is known to donate to charities supporting homeless people. Since the pandemic triggered lockdowns started, Kurt has given a lot to charity and has helped feed and clothe many homeless families.  When not working or giving to charity, Kurt loves spending time with his family and enjoys taking them to exotic destinations worldwide. read more

Marc Zboch

Marc Zboch is a business executive and philanthropist. Through his charitable endeavors, Zboch has been able to provide important support to community organizations dealing with hunger, poverty, and disease. He has made journeys to many parts of the world that are suffering from natural disasters, war, and infectious disease, like North Korea, Cambodia, and Haiti.
Zboch believes that the key to improving people’s lives is giving them the tools to accomplishing it themselves. His organizations are not known for coming into a community and imposing their will on the people, but rather for working directly with community leaders to decide on their greatest needs.
Marc Zboch is a man of faith, and he believes that his missionary trips are the expression of his religion. He is an increasingly important figure in the charitable field, and he will continue to provide support to community initiatives around the world. read more

Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak was born in Kabul and currently is in New York City while recently splitting time in Puerto Rico, as well. I was in the American corporate business landscape for many years. Recently, I left it behind to write, produce, and perform environmentally-altered techno music. A pseudonym: Valen of Wicked is the nightly DJ and the performer of the group. read more